They Never Come Back (1932)

Directed by: Fred C. Newmeyer
Runtime: 62 min

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Comments (6)

  1. JazzyJudy says:

    This is another great movie. I’m glad that Jimmy got of trouble and saved his future wife and brother in law to be from harm.

  2. JayJay says:

    I enjoyed the movie. There is a subtle charm in the old movies that makes them very appealing.

  3. Leornand says:

    This is a great movie, boxing, crooks, fights, theft, dancing shows and of course the all important bit of romance. Great stuff. Just a shame they can’t make films with winning combinations like these nowadays. No special effects just true and pure acting talent. A must watch..Brilliant!!!!

  4. Peter Kobal says:

    WOW ! This was one great action movie that would be hard to beat. Everyone played their part perfect. Held my attention from start to finish.
    This is a lost art what entertainment is all about. today.

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