Phantom Patrol (1936)

Directed by: Charles Hutchinson
Noticing the resemblance between himself and noted author Steven Norris, wanted gangster Dan Geary kidnaps Norris and assumes his identity. His charade is successful for a while but when his new stenographer reads some of his latest writing to Mountie McGregor, McGregor become suspicious.
Runtime: 54 min

This movie is not currently available.

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Comments (4)

  1. JazzyJudy says:

    great mountie police movie

  2. Gloria T. says:

    I´ve been trying to see this movie for over two months now, and cannot, because it is not currently available. Do you know when it will be available?

    Another question. Are these the only movies available? Will there be more added?
    I would love to see Humphrey Bogart movies in Film Noir, and other great actors like him.

    I love Whoever came up with this, is brilliant!!!!


  3. Peter Kobal says:

    They don’t come any better than this

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