Night Life In Reno (1931)

Directed by: Raymond Cannon
A wife catches her husband messing around with another woman. Outraged, she proceeds to Reno, Nevada, for a quickie divorce. Since Reno requires a six-week wait for a divorce to become final, the wife must find something to do during that time, so she decides to take advantage of the night life of the city, which she finds out to be a lot wilder than she thought it was.
Runtime: 58 min

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Comments (5)

  1. shwet kamal says:

    let me see it

  2. JC says:

    My favorite quote from this movie “Oh yes, you’re from Los Angeles, mmm? A splendid suburban market for Reno!

  3. Leornand says:

    This was so funny, all the drama..” Oh my hat” ha ha ha ha. Corny but great lol!!!!!!!

  4. tom says:

    Loads of fun. Interesting that the film featured Virginia Valli, who retired after this motion picture. And also Dixie Lee Crosby (a tragic figure in her personal life). The hatchet faced Clarence Wilson was also superb.
    Jameson Thomas’s “Oh my hat!” (already mentioned here) was unique.

  5. Peter Kobal says:

    Oh for the good old days. Golden years of yesterday.

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