Lady in the Death House (1944)

Directed by: Steve Sekely
A young woman is on death row for the murder of a man who was blackmailing her family, although she claims she was framed. Her fiance, a doctor who is conducting experiments on reviving the dead, also happens to be the state’s executioner, and is assigned to pull the switch when she is strapped into the electric chair. A famous criminologist, believing her to be innocent, rushes to investigate the case and clear her before her execution date.
Runtime: 55 min

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Comments (3)

  1. flovelynpacheco says:

    beautifull movies

  2. Gloria T. says:

    Although they dragged it out, I was still sitting on the edge of my seat!!! That´s what great movies like this are all about!!!


    By the way, are you planning to add more great movies like this to myeasytv?

  3. Peter Kobal says:

    They just get better and better. Keep them coming.

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